Thursday, August 18, 2011

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive 'Attack' Mac and Windows

Download Updated Game | Counter Strike: Global Offensive : One of the online game sequel Counter Strike which highly successful even 12 years since its release, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, will land on the Windows operating system and Mac OS X in mid-2012.

The developer of this first person shooter game, Valve, is formally announcing the presence of such legendary online games offline in Windows OS and Mac OS X next year. Previously, some game developers have been taken by the studio, such as Team Fortress 2 and Portal.

Star Wars: The Old Republic | Newer Star Wars Game Released Soon

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Download Updated Game | Star Wars: The Old Republic : Game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) was eagerly awaiting the launch of a number of popular game ahead of the upcoming Christmas holidays, especially the 'Star Wars: The Old Republic'.

"I think this season will be exciting for EA because we have a large number of game to be released," said the head of European sales and distribution, Jens Uwe Intat.