Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Game Updated: Sony PlayStation Network Full Restoration | PSN Restore | Sony PSN

Sony Promises To Restore PSN This Week End

Game Updated: Sony PlayStation Network Full Restoration | PSN Restore | Sony PSN - Sony claims that they plan to restore almost all the services the PlayStation Network (PSN) it, except for Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea this week end.

After receiving a massive attack on its network in last April, now Sony stated that users in the United States, Europe and the majority of countries in Asia, could come back to buy and download games online.

To improve the image that already overdo fall, Sony will include a package of services and content 'welcome back' for users who feel aggrieved at the PSN network.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Game Updated: Sony PlayStation 4 | PlayStation 4 | Sony PS

Sony Prepare PlayStation 4

Game Updated: Sony PlayStation 4 | PlayStation 4 | Sony PS - Although have not separated from the threat of hacker attacks, Sony has not forgotten his plans to develop the latest generation game console, the PlayStation 4.

Vice President as well as Financial Officer Masaru Kato confirmed that discourse (Sony PlayStation 4 plan) on his conference call with investors.

Huge developoment cost of Sony PlayStation 4

When asked to explain the research and development costs which are swollen, Masaru claimed increased costs were used for the PlayStation 4.

"We have started developing for the next platform, but I can not discuss the launch plans. So the costs used for that platform (PlayStation 4),"said Masaru.

Masaru confirmation contradicts with the statement Sony Computer Entertainment Chairman Kaz Hirai several months ago that a Japanese company has not thought about PlayStation 4 or whatever the latest generation of gaming consoles.

According to Hirai, the PS3 is still far from the end of the age of console games which usually lasts 10 years. Considering the PS3 was launched in 2006, Hirai Sony's new console (maybe PlayStation 4) new estimates will appear next in 2016.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Game News Updated: Sony | Sony Game Hacked | PlayStation Network

Sony Get Hijacked AGAIN

Game News Updated: Sony | Sony Game Hacked | PlayStation Network - Sony said that their sites in three countries hit by hack attack (again), including in Greece, where approximately 8500 user accounts have been leaked, that also threaten their credit card data leakage.

Previously, Sony said that they found a security leak at the Greece Sony Music Entertainment, and they were quick to immediately stop the service.

In addition, the Sony also stated that they also found changes in the Sony Indonesia.

Site Sony Thailand reportedly has also been hijacked and used by the hackers to conduct phishing attacks.

Bad news comes just as Sony tries to restore PlayStation Network (PSN) and it affected Qriocity service which have massive attack, resulting in leakage of 100 million user accounts, which included names, passwords and addresses.

Sony started to close the PlayStation Network and Qriocity on 20 April. For Sony's PSN service had begun to open, albeit gradually.

Game Updated and Download: Battlefield 3 Preorder | Game Battlefield | Physical Warfare Pack

Get Your Game Battlefield 3 for Preorder

Game Updated and Download: Battlefield 3 Preorder | Game Battlefield - Video games retail sellers GameStation and Game has announced extra content and some bonuses if the user performs preorder games that will be launched Electronic Arts, Battlefield 3.

Incentives received through preorder game Battlefield 3 is a Physical Warfare Pack, which is a series of new weapons for the game.

Physical Warfare Pack also includes gun Type 88 LMG, which provides extreme fire power, and some other extra weapons.

In addition, users who did preorder the game Battlefield 3 also will get "Back to Karkand", a feature that allows the 'remake' of the game Battlefield 2 maps.

Map that is on Back to Karkaand already including Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman and Sharqi Peninsula.

Battlefield 3 is a game first person shooter developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and is produced by Electronic Arts. Battlefield 3 will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2011 for Microsoft Windows platforms, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Game Updated: Xbox 360 Live | Xbox 360 and 3D | Microsoft Game

Xbox 360 Will Support 3D Full Game

Game Updated: Xbox 360 Live | Xbox 360 and 3D | Microsoft Game - A new report claims that Microsoft will launch the full 3D stereoscopic technology capabilities to its flagship gaming console Xbox 360 at E3 event, which was held next June.

With the 3D stereo support it is expected to work exactly like the PS3 3D effect, with full HDMI 1.4 support stereoscopic 3D in 720p 1280x1470 frame configuration.

"The machine is not only very capable, even more capable than the PlayStation 3 which supports 3D content," said one unnamed source.

As you may recall, a small number of Xbox 360 games currently support what "stereoscopic 3D," including Crysis 2 and Crytek's Treyarch, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has refused to confirm or deny the reports mentioned above, the software giant said that they do not need to comment on rumors or speculation.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Get Updated Your CityVille Game With Kung Fu Panda 2 | Download Cinema-Themed Kungfu Panda In Game

Kung Fu Panda 2 Coming in CityVille Game

Get Updated Your CityVille Game With Kung Fu Panda 2 | Download Cinema-Themed Kungfu Panda In Game - After cooperating with Lady Gaga in the Farmville game, now Zynga collaboration with DreamWorks Animation to promote the movie Kung Fu Panda 2 in the CityVille game.

Zynga said that this cooperation is the first CityVille integration with other content.

CityVille, which has more than 88 million users per month, will allow users to put a cinema-themed Kung Fu Panda 2 in the city in the game. Users who put it in CityVille cinema will get a few items to be collected as Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey of the five characters in Kung Fu Panda. When the five items collected then a statue of Po Panda icon will open his lock and available to users as the reward. Integration between Kung Fu Panda 2 with CityVille will last until May 31.

Manny Anekal, Global Director of Brand Advertising from Zynga, said the partnership is because the third of the fans of Kung Fu Panda on Facebook also play games CityVille.

This is not the first time for DreamWorks co-operation with Zynga, before the studio has also launched a campaign 'Mega-Farm' in the game with animated films Megamind Farmville. But Zynga parties say that this is their first cooperation for CityVille games.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Game Updated: COD Modern Warfare3 | Call Of Duty 'Modern Warfare 3' Leaked | COD Download

Game Updated: Newest Call Of Duty Sequel “Modern Warfare 3″ Leaked

COD Modern Warfare3 | Call Of Duty 'Modern Warfare 3' Leaked | COD Download - It can’t be any doubt that the latest series of the game Call of Duty from Activision is ‘Modern Warfare 3′. To prove it Activision has leaked the video teaser of this game.

Activision leaked video teaser of the game‘s first shooter. Based on the video shown on YouTube, indicated that the battle in the game taking setting in the city of New York.

“Fans probably will not wait this game, then we show the first video teaser of Modern Warfare 3,” said Robert Bowling, Creative Strategist of Infinity Ward, as one company that helped develop the game.

This video is the first, then will be followed by another video teaser of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Some media articles mention that the information conveyed in the video is not entirely accurate, but Bowling said this is done for a reason that the game‘s story is not entirely leaked.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the eight game series of the Call of Duty. Published by Activision and developed by Infinity Ward, Raven Software and Games Sledgehammer. This game will be launched on November 8, 2011.

Game Updated: PlayStation Store Network | Playstation Store Relaunched | PS 3 n PSP Download

Game Updated: PlayStation Store Re-Launched on Next Week

PlayStation Store Network | Playstation Store Relaunched | PS 3 n PSP Download - Related to a report from Gamasutra and Giant Bomb, Sony will begin posting PlayStation Store the first update on 24th May, one month since the PlayStation Network exposed to hacker attacks.

Users of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable will be back next week to download games, demos and other digital content on the PlayStation Store.

The report says that the PlayStation Store still need to update the content in order to meet the re-user demands.

“We are grateful for your patience waiting for PlayStation Store service rework,” wrote the Sony.

“Nevertheless, we can not announce the exact date about the service re-launched, which can only be informed only possibility at the end of May. Everything beyond that is speculative,” said Patrick Seybold, a spokesman for Sony

Last Saturday, Sony has launched the ‘phase of restoration’ of the PlayStation Network, since the massive attacks from hackers a month ago.

Game Update: Lady Gaga on Farm Ville | Lady Gaga Special Edition | Farm Ville

Farmville Presents Lady Gaga Special Edition

Game Update: Lady Gaga on Farm Ville | Lady Gaga Special Edition | Farm Ville - Famous pop singer Lady Gaga and social networking game maker Zynga will work to bring GagaVille, a special edition of the game Farmville.

Agricultural land in GagaVille, which is a special edition of Farmville, eventually will include motorbikes, sheep, crystals and unicorns. The game it self was scheduled on May 17, the palyer will also be able to listen to secret songs from the Lady Gaga album ‘Born This Way‘ which released on May 23.

Sales of the album ‘Born This Way‘ is also bundled in a free-download when users buy a card for $ 25 Zynga games at Best Buy.

In addition, cooperation between Lady Gaga by Zynga also include contests ‘Words with Gaga’ on the game‘s Word With Friends Zynga. Then Zynga also will give the user a virtual gift from Lady Gaga on RewardVille which can be used in all games Zynga production.

Cooperation between the two sides is quite large, considering the previously Gaga and Zynga also collaborate to charitable action of the earthquake disaster in Japan in March.

Lady Gaga seems well aware to technological advances that can be used to media promote, before the Lady Gaga has already partnered with Polaroid to present Polaroid camera a special edition of Lady Gaga.

Angry Birds Web Version Download | Angry Birds Web | Game Download

Download Game: Angry Birds On Web Version

Rovio Mobile mobile game makers who attended the Google developer conference event I / O, presented the latest version of the game Angry Birds for the web.

Game Angry Birds for the web was built using WebGL and local-caching for offline use.

Rovio will offer Angry Birds to the web via Chrome Web Store, though it seems the game can also be accessed through a browser.

Angry Birds In this web version, Rovio has designed special levels with Chrome for bomb-style graphics and the buildings.

Previously, Rovio also announced that the Angry Birds will also be present in the OS WP7 began on 25 May.

Angry Birds web version is available free at the Chrome Web Store, get ready for the game download.

Sony Playstation Network | Sony Find Leaks On Their Security Program (Again)

Game Updated: Sony Find Leaks On Their Security Program

Sony Corp. finally disable a site which intended to help their users after a hacker attack in April, after finding more vulnerabilities.

Undisclosed site is designed to help 77 million PlayStation Network users to reset their passwords.

This issue represents a setback again for Sony, after a fierce attack of hackers who get into their network.

And Race, a spokesman for Sony, said that their companies find security holes on those sites that allow hackers to break through the user’s personal data which they had previously stolen.

“If I have your email and your birth date, then I can go into your account,” said Race, giving the parable.

As a result of these findings, Sony on Wednesday had to temporarily turn off the password reset page PlayStation Network, as well Qriocity music service.

“Once repaired, we will immediately turn back the page,” added Race.