Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Game Updated: Cloud Gaming the Future of Game Platform | Cloud Gaming

"Cloud Is the Future Game Platform So Get Ready For Cloud Gaming"

The game developers may soon be ready to welcome the console or PC game cloud-based, at least according to a German developer Crytek, which is the studio behind the success of Crysis series.

Cloud gaming will slowly come to the surface, with two main services, namely OnLive and Gaikai, which offers the ability to play games through an online infrastructure, where this game actually running on the PC, while the gameplay is actually being streamed to web browsers in which users can enjoy it. Cool description about cloud gaming here.

While the ongoing debate about the service (cloud gaming), Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli is confident that this is the future of gaming, but if the game will only be optimized for cloud gaming.

Game Updated: Angry Birds Spyware | Angry Birds Hijacked | Android Angry Birds Game

Angry Birds on Android Infected by Virus

Google has been suspended several applications after investigators found spyware that will 'infect' the Android Market. Xuxian Jiang a computer science professor from NC State University found the malicious code named Plankton in a number of applications installed on the Android Market.

This code appears in a number of applications related to the highly popular games such as Angry Birds and hid in that popular gaming applications (Angry Birds), so a bit difficult to find.

How Angry Birds spyware catch your android

"The malicious applications installed additional code to Android devices where they are installed," said Andrew Brandt the Webroot researchers, in his blog post, then it should catch your Android when you installed the Angry Birds game.