Friday, May 20, 2011

Angry Birds Web Version Download | Angry Birds Web | Game Download

Download Game: Angry Birds On Web Version

Rovio Mobile mobile game makers who attended the Google developer conference event I / O, presented the latest version of the game Angry Birds for the web.

Game Angry Birds for the web was built using WebGL and local-caching for offline use.

Rovio will offer Angry Birds to the web via Chrome Web Store, though it seems the game can also be accessed through a browser.

Angry Birds In this web version, Rovio has designed special levels with Chrome for bomb-style graphics and the buildings.

Previously, Rovio also announced that the Angry Birds will also be present in the OS WP7 began on 25 May.

Angry Birds web version is available free at the Chrome Web Store, get ready for the game download.

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