Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Zynga Game at Google+ | Zynga Game | Google+ Games

Zynga Game Present at Google+

Zynga Game Present at Google+
Zynga Game at Google+ | Zynga Game | Google+ Games - Zynga the most popular game of CityVille, will soon be presented in Google's social networking, Google +.

Google and Zynga previously had worked since the early launch of Google + Games. Google is an investor in Zynga, and when the gaming platform was launched in August, one of the 16 games that launched one of them is the 'Zynga Poker' games.

Previously, CityVille have been getting more traffic to Facebook than Zynga poker games output. Besides that, CityVille also has more than 70 million users each month, while Zynga Poker only has approximately 30 million users.

Zynga own party hopes that they will get a similar effect when it game present in Google +, as previously Zynga is highly dependent on Facebook. Facebook 'take a ration of' approximately 30 percent of Zynga revenue. Same percentage that Apple pulled from the App Store.

From recent estimate conclude that Google + currently has approximately 50 million users, while Facebook has 800 million users. Fromt these differences, it is clear that the long way to go for Google, at least as the 'little' threatens of Facebook. Joining CityVille may be a little way to help them.

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